Research in progress

Marija Taflaga, Conservative parties, organisational learning and policy institutionalisation: A comparative study of the United Kingdom and Australia.

Keith Dowding, Marija Taflaga and Matthew Kerby, ‘The representation of women on Australian parliamentary committees’.

Katrine Beauregard and Marija Taflaga, ‘Party Quotas and Gender Differences in Resources and Support to Run for Office in Australia: 1987-2016’,

Marija Taflaga and Katrine Beauregard, ‘The merit of party institutions: resistance and support for gender quotas by Conservative parties in Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand’.

Feodor Snagovsky, Marija Taflaga and Matthew Kerby , ‘Climbing the Greasy Pole: Political Advising and Career Trajectories in Industrialized Democracies’.